Taipei Lantern Festival 2020 — Together WE Glow 
The theme of the main lanterns for every year is different. It often corresponds with the zodiac sings of Chinese astrology, and 2020 is the year of Rat (鼠). Coincidentally, the "O"s in between 2020 resembles the rat holes, hence becomes the connecting force in design concept.

Taipei Lantern Festival 2020 was the first time promoting 2 districts as a dual for main exhibition area. The key visual is based on the concept of West - East as dual main exhibition areas, mixing and matching the characteristics of two different parts of Taipei city to portray the lively charm of a city as a whole.

"Together WE Glow" — Taking the initials of West and East, "WE" represents the core spirit of bringing two sides of the city to "shine together", and the might of the resulting effort. Merging the two unique rays from west and east, the light pierce through the symbolic rat holes, together shine upon the new year of 2020, hoping to bring everyone together and herald in more glory, light and strength to the city.

The West uses Beimen (North Gate) as the focal point, depicting the warm, golden color, classical, traditionally cultured side of Taipei city
The East uses the polygonal shape of Taipei Pop Music Center to symbolize the cold, blue color modern, futuristic side of Taipei that progressively transforming into.
In this project, I was also involved in the very beginning, assisting my fellow designers in designing the key visual using my 3D skill, providing them 3D assets. Later on, I was on in charge of turning the key visual into a motion piece. The logo animation above was part of my contribution as a motion designer.

The approach of making the promo video is to emphasize on the concept of "WE", further turning "every moments/ stories happened in Taipei" into different scenes, and fuse them into 2020, using it as the main element, connecting every stories together, telling a story belonged to every Taipei locals.
The image above is a compilation of the styleframes. 

For the promo video, I was in charge of turning the styleframes above into animated pieces from the scene of planetary to the end scene. I was using Maxon Cinema 4D with built-in physical renderer to build the 3D objects and animating, give them a basic shader and tweak some lighting. Then I composited the rendered image sequence using Adobe After Effects, finished them up with some final touches, 2D graphics animation and type animation. 

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